Me my first time and 4 guys

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Me my first time and 4 guys

I was staying at a hotel on a business trip out of town. As usual I was getting really horny and decided I wanted a human touch verses me jacking off over and over again.I am bi,well I am now anyway.I have always been curious about /gay/gay-sex/">gay sex.I have masturbated many times with some object pushed up my ass but have never had a real nice meaty cock pounding me. I am a goodlooking guy,I have never had any problem picking up chicks.

I weigh 150 lbs and am 5'7 tall.I have blonde hair and blue eyes. And a /athletic/">athletic build. Anyway I looked up to see where the closest gay bar was and went to expand my horizens. I walked in the door and was alittle taken back.The bar was a little whole in the wall.Dark and small and maybe 6-7 guys in there.I sat at the bar and ordered a vodka-lemonade.I was scoping things out , 3 hot guys i saw were possable pick ups.I was on my 2nd drink when I felt a tap on my shoulder.One of the possible guys i would consider playing with was standing there and asked me if I wanted to play a game of pool.I said I would love to and walked over to play.

He said his name was shawn and we instantly hit it off, we talked and laughed and flirted,We played pool for an hour, I put down 3 more drinks in that hours time and was feeling pretty buzzed on top of being horny before I got there,the drinks made me 1000% hornier then I was.we finished A game and I had won all but one game and Shawn wanted to make a friendly but provacative wagier. He bet me that the winner of the game got to be in complete control of the loser all night and the loser had to do whatever the winner told him to do.I was quite buzzed and horny so I took the bet.On top of winning all but 1 game before I felt I had nothing to worry about.

Shawn had to be somewhat of a hustler because I lost.Shawn procided to say It is bokep sma pecah perawan time to pay the piper.I said yes it is,do you want to go to my hotel or your place? He said lets hang out here for a little while and have another drink.Shawn went up to the bar and got me another one and him also.He came back and we talked for abit. I finished my drink waiting excitedly to go back to somewhere and let this guy /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass and break my cherry.He had other plans.

Shawn told me he wanted to feel what he was getting and told me to bend over the pool table. I started to protest and he reminded me that I belonged to him for the night.I looked aroung for a moment to see if anyone else were looking,I didnt see anyone staring so I bent over the table a little and I felt Shawns hand rub my thigh and slowly work its way up my shorts.( it was the end of june and very hot,so I went out in loose,easy access shorts and a nice shirt.)I old waman xxxgx felt him rub and grope my ass cheeks.god this was a turn on.then he reached around my front and grabbed my cock,which was rock hard by then and he stroked it a bit.i looked up to see if anybody was looking and I still didnt see anyone even noticed.then I felt his finger play with the opening of my tight little /asshole/">asshole.all of a sudden he removed his hand for a second.when his finger returned he had put alittle lube on his finger and slowly pushed it inside my ass.I was on fire and so horny alittle moan escaped my lips.Shawn asked me already knowing if I liked it. And said there is alot more to come.

Then He whispered in my ear that he put 2 valiums in my last drink and that it should be taking effect any moment.He told me he wanted me to be very relaxed.I was about to object when I started to feel the effects.I just got really relaxed and very happy all at the same time.It was an awesome feeling.It made me even hornier.And excited not knowing what was going to happen next.Shawn could see I was really relaxed and removed his finger from my ass and said,You wont be needing these for awhile and slide my shorts off.he grabbed my cock again and stroked it for a bit.I was in shear bliss.I begged him to let me cum and he said not yet.Shawn took off his pants and sat up on the pool table and said suck my cock my little /bitch/">bitch.I took his cock in my mouth and sucked and licked it for awhile.It was not small but was not overly big either.I heard a voice say " what ya got over here Shawn?" Shawn replied back" I got a bitch here for the evening and he is ready to be shared."I wanted to /freak/">freak but couldnt.I was so relaxed that I had to go with the flow.I had never been fucked in the ass,but I didnt think my /first-time/">first time would be with more then one guy.

I was wrong.The guy that came up to us stripped off his pants and sat on the table and Shawn turned me toward him to suck his cock.I buried his cock in my mouth and started to suck wildly on it. Then I felt another finger inserted in my ass and realized it was shawn.he said he was greasing me up good.I kept sucking on this guys cock(who I found out later his name was Ben)When I felt pressure on my ass and realized shawn was pushing his dick up my ass.It hurt alittle but I was so horny that I wanted it in me all that much more.Shawn buried it in me and started pumping it in and out.It felt so good.He was hitting my prostate and I was in pure wild lust.I was sucking Bens cock wildly and Shawn was pounding my ass,it felt so good that I was moaning rather loudly.

I heard and saw 2 more guys come up and saw out of the corner of my eye, that they wher stripped naked.I felt Shawn start to shake and he thrust in me as hard as he could and came deep in my ass.He pulled out and said it is your turn Ben.Ben came came in around me and i felt something stuck up in me that wasnt a was the tip of the lube bottle.then I felt a large shot of lube go deep in my ass.Then Ben said " he is lubed up good now.I had all of Shawns cumm in me and Now alot of lube,it slowly trickled back out.Ben plugged the hole with his cock.and one of the other guys hopped up on the table.I sucked his cock while ben fucked me silly.

I felt Ben tighten up and then felt his cumm squirt in me.Iheard Shawn and another guy shouting from the side lines egging the 2 other guys on.Ben pulled out and the guy i had been sucking mounted me and pushed in.The whole time I begged to have someone help me to cum,I needed to getting so much dick massaging my prostate.And I heard here comes the real prize.

The last guy that had came over climbed in front of me and holy crap did he have a cock on him.about 8 inches long, and 2 inches in was huge and thought I better suck this guy off,there is no way that will fit in me without tearing me up.then i felt the other guy shoot his load.I knew what was coming.I didnt have time to suck this guy off.He climbed off the table. came behind me and turned me over on my back on the pool table.HE commented " I want to see this bitches face when I slide this monster in him.And he told two of the other guys to hold my arms so I couldnt get up.I sure as hell felt him push his cock in me.

God this one hurt like hell.after about a minute or so it started feeling awhole lot better then when the other guys fucked me.This guy was hitting my A-spot perfectly!!!!I started moaning and then screaming fuck me - fuck me , this feels so fuckin good.this guy as pounding me , i had my legs over his shoulders and the other guys had ahold of my was pure fuckin bliss. then all of a sudden i started shaking and I new I was going to cum.this was the best thing that ever happened and the best cumm i ever had during any kind of sex.The I started to /hard/cum-hard/">cum hard,gob after gob came out.we finished with what we were doing.

Exchanged info and agreed to meet again.I have to go back there in acouple days for work again.We all are getting together at my hotel this time.WE all have a goal of seeing how many times they can make me cum without any touch to my cock.