the garden lesson with my maid

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the garden lesson with my maid

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It was a sunday morning when I decided not to go to church. I stayed in be not doing anything except to stare at the open roof, trying to thing how I was to spend my day.

I am a consultant and I work with this big organization that deals with the manufacture of cancer machines. I rare get time to be home and so I had a maid rather some prefer to caller a cleaner who came in everyday and does the cleaning I had only met this lady twice since she started working for me on both occasion never had time to check her out.

I woke up and went to my bathroom took a shower and returned to the bedroom. My door was open as I was applying body lotions to my naked dark porn videos download skinned body. I lifted my eyes and what I saw was a shocker. I caught my maid (Jane) check me as I was dressing up I turned around and saw that she was staring at my 7 black cock that was lying between my legs. "Sorry I didnt mean to stare at you sir " , she apologised as she left. She quickly existed through the door that lead to the flower garden. I just took it for a mistake and continued with what I was doing. xxx

Hours later I went out to relax in the garden where she had run to hide from her shame. I took my porn magazine, my ipad and a camera. I started fanatising at /pornstar/sexy-pornstars/">sexy pornstars in the magazine. I have a libido that is high. Jane came over with my fruit juice she was a t-shirt that could hang loose on her top and when she bent over to place the juice on the small stool that was by my side I could see her /tits/huge-tits/">huge tits. Her cleverage was so amazing. She remained in that position for a while so that I could have a real long nusty look at them, noticing that I was staring at her boobs she intentional poured juice on my pants around my dick area.

I jumped and stood she took a clothe and started drying my pants she kept going upwards until she got to my cock when she touched it fo the /first-time/">first time my body lept. Truely I wasnt going to stop her. She kept on pressing in my dick and she looked up to me with her lustful eyes, I could see she wanted to blow me so I unzipped my zip she then did the rest of the job. She quickly stuck it into her mouth gave strong blows that made me moan in pleasure. Her mouth was so warm like and kept me wondering how warm will pussy be. When I was about to /climax/">climax she stood up and kissed me and started running my hands over her body I removed her clothes.

Jane was so /hot/hot-sexy/hot-and-sexy/">hot and sexy my right hand found it way to her /pussy/tight-pussy/sweet-tight-pussy/">sweet tight pussy I dipped two fingers into it and she moaned it worked like electricity cause it turned her on so quickly. "Fuck me pliz fuck me I cant wait any longer please fuck me" she screamed. Knowing how much she wanted to be fucked I decided to take time before I penetrate her pussy. I continued to finger her for a while she got so wet her moans continued to increase as I kept going.

Cum twice while I fingered her. I then pushed her to the grass on her fours I penetrated her pussy with all force I could provide she scream in pain and I had to slow down. "Fuck let me feel the pain, teach your /whore/">whore a lesson, fuck her until she wants you no more." She said as continued to fuck her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy. My 7" shaft kept going in and out of her as she continued to scream in pleasure.

She started /fingering/ass-fingering/fingering-her-ass/">fingering her ass when I saw this I immediately knew what she wanted. I lied down on the grass and left her to ride me she took the 7" all of it in to her ass I felt her ass was so /sweet/">sweet and she rode so nicely. After a minute she turned over I withdrew and stuck it again into her pussy. Fucked great and long strokes. She was about to cum and I was also about to we cummed together at same time. I gave loads of cum I felt the thick juice mingle with her cum.

It was a great experience I cant forget it.