Using Sound Vibrations for Masturbation

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Using Sound Vibrations for Masturbation

Since was young once i came accrose the speaker diapharam vibrations and i foud it very pleasureable when getting those vibrations on my stomech and i quickely feel a great orgasum. After that i usualy whenever get a chanse use the speaker for masturbation and play music of high basss. Once i play a music in which the sound of truck horn played as i got those sound like (Pannnnn..Pannnnnn..panpanpanpanpan..pannnn.nn) on to my stomech the vibrations were extreemely deep and pleasurable. After that i like that horn sound through speaker vibration on my stomech. I use the speaker vibrations on my stomech for masturbation quite a long time. Then one day i came accrose horn sound vibrations while reparing my jeep that was extreemely powerful and intense. I decided to try horn sound vibration on my stomech.Since then i like to performe the horn sound masturbation. First i wear the black one piece body hugging swimming costume then i took full hd xvideo download out my loud set of horn (the integrated set of cmplete horn kit)realy enormous one
and place the horn with mouth upward on my bed mattress surrounded by pillows so that little sound and vibrations comes out of my house.

then i lay over it as my stomach touches the horn mouth which is ready to rock my stomech and the other hand on push on button taking controle of rocking session in a rythmic way. After that i hold the power supply button and start honking the horn continuously again and again. The enormous buzzzz of intense sound vibrations directly enters into the stomach and a storm of humming and buzzing vibrations produces in side the stomach with enormous horn sound !!!!--pannnnnn--pannnnnn...Pannnnnnn---PannnnnnnnnnPannnnnnnn. the whole stomach deep
inside vibrate with the intense sound vibrations that is too penetrating and intense that I cannot hold my stomach against the horn through a complete honkkkkk of buzzing horn because of intense intolerable tingling and erotic sensation with pleasure deep inside so I honk the horn in small pulses and in between long honking like pompnpnpnpnpn-- pompompompompommmm----pommmm--Panpanpanpanpannnnnnn---Pannnnnnnnn---Pannnnnnn--Pann-PannPannn Repeatedly continuously again and again. Each time when i honkkkk the horn in a continuos rythm that will rock my stomech deep inside and take me to higher level of pleasure and near to orgasm but then i just taking a small pause in the honking horn session and take breath (during the pause i still feel my stomech vibrate like the horn is inside me) then again start repeat the same procedure with different different type and intensities of horns such as truck Air horn, Train horn, big vibra horn the extreemely intense one whose flat diapharam directely touches to the stomech and send whole enormous intense vibrations right into the stomech with rocking sensation but the train horn is mind blowingg!!!!! very very loud and extreemely intense with enormous vibrations rocking whole body with solid sound and reverbrations of Pommmmmm---mmmmm--mmmm--mm-mm-m---Pommmmmmmmmm--mmmmm--mm-mm-m only one session of this horn end up with colapsing body orgasm.

I repeatd the different horn sessions on my stomech several times till I cannot control my self and taking complete horn vibrations without taking off the stomech from horn insted i just move my stomech rapidely up and down left and right with continuos honking of horn in small pauses and feeling of shivers with each honkkk---Pannnnnn......Pannnn...starting from deep insde the stomech to whole body again and again ultimately with several repeated session of horn pannnn--Pannnnn i end up with exteemely intense orgasm colapsing on horn. Another one i love train horn session in which when i honkk the train horn (single matelec long tube Air horn) the extreemely intense hummmm of Ponnnnnnnnnnnnnn----Ponnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn---Ponnnnnnnnnnnnnn with slowly decreasing reverbration hummmm vibrates and buzzzzz whole body and i vigrously move my stomech up and down with pleasure screems some time touches the storming horn mouth where matelec vibrations enormous then again upward where the sound intensity is maximum with enormous hummmm of solid ponnnnnnn...nnnnn..nnnn.nn in the space between horn mouth and my stomech center i cannot set escape my stomech from intense horn sound vibrations ponnnnnnnn..nnnnn....nnn Ponnnnnnnnnn....nnnnn...nnnn..nn and reverbration of horn is extreemely effective that one reverbration is about to end the other new solid sound vibrations ponnnnnnnn....ponnnnnnnn comes and a complete cycle of up and down horn vibrations compleately saturate and rock my stomech deepely again and again with every switch press finaly only a single long honkkkkk of intense buzzing horn sound ponnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...nnnnnn..nnnnnn...nnnnn.nnn with long reverbration slowly decreacing vibrations stretches my whole body vibrating stomech with horn sound could not guess the end of buzzzzz with continuos feeleing of enormous buzzzzzz of ponnnnnnnnn....nnnnnn...nnnnn..nnnnnn.nnn ultimately leads me to intense orgasm. Even after orgasm i feel the repeated cycles of ponnnn ponnnnnn inside my stomech without horn blow as my stomech enriched with horn vibrations and i feel it vibrate even after orgasm the whole next day.

Eevery free porn movies download time i hear a sound of horn from outside or on road i just turn on and feeling as it was for me on my stomech.